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Transportation at temperature mode

Transportation of refrigerated cargo

Refrigerated (perishable) cargoes are food products, medicines. Such cargoes require compliance with a certain temperature regime, humidity and strict compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. In addition, the speed of transportation and strict adherence to the schedule play a huge role.

We transport with a guarantee of complete preservation:

  • Frozen cargoes with a temperature regime from -6 °C and below;
  • Chilled cargoes with a temperature regime from -5 °C to -1 °C;
  • Cooled cargoes with a temperature regime from 0 °C to + 15 °C;
  • Ventilated cargoes requiring intensive ventilation during road transportation.

When ordering refrigerated cargo transportation, employees of our company will advise you on any questions that arise and will agree on all the necessary conditions.

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