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Warehouse services

The main activities of our company for over 10 years are:

  • transshipment of cargoes
  • warehousing and handling of cargoes “cross docking” (with free storage up to 14 days)
  • customs services
  • using the railway line and transportation
  • transshipment of cargoes from railway cars of gauge of 1,520 mm (so-called "wide gauge") to cars of gauge 1,435 mm (so-called "standard gauge") and vice versa
  • reloading from railway cars to road vehicles, and vice versa, unloading from railway cars and vehicles into warehouses and loading from warehouses to railway cars and road vehicles

In vil. Maťovce, located 2 km from the border with Ukraine, the company operates a multimodal International Logistics Center with its own railway access roads. The code of the Maťovce railway station is 56/168708.

ILC covers an area of more than 30 hectares. Imperial Group of Companies is currently implementing a project for completion and implementation of ILC in the Logistics Park, which will provide logistic support to companies from the European Union and the CIS and China for cargo import and export.

ILC has its own railway access road with a track gauge of 1,435 mm and 1,520 mm, storage areas and utilities for long-distance cargo vehicles. In MLT, all types of cargoes are transhipped, including handling of bulk cargoes from/to special self-unloading cars /hopper/.

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